Cee Lo Green Farts On 'The Voice' (VIDEO)

Cee Lo Farts On 'The Voice'

Monday night on "The Voice," Cee Lo Green was full of hot air. No, not in his comments to the contestants. He just farted.

At first, host Carson Daly was confused about why the coaches were laughing. “What’d you say? You're nervous?” Daly asked the judges. “I have gas,” Cee Lo replied. And the gas pass came up again when the coaches were giving advice.

“Follow your heart and be in the moment. You’re their coach,” Christina Aguilera told a contestant. To which Adam Levine quipped, “Just follow your fart.”

Well, that’s the glory of a live show. Although, as MTV pointed out -- host Carson Daly seemed a little disappointed with the judges.

And as usual, that wasn’t the only weirdness from Cee Lo. Watch his performance with his team of ‘Dancing in the Street.’ The mustache, the hair, the tongue. It’s all just too much -- or maybe for Cee Lo, it’s just enough. Follow your fart.

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