'Anger Management': Cee Lo Green Wants Charlie To Do His Dirty Work (VIDEO)

Cee Lo Green came by for some help on "Anger Management." He has such a nice guy image, but that was the problem. He didn't want his image to be tarnished in any way.

"I’ve got this reputation for being like a nice guy and all that, but I’m under a lot of stress at the moment and I don’t want to blow up and ruin my reputation," Cee Lo said.

"Yeah, there’s no coming back from something like that," Charlie said, obviously referring to the troubles Sheen has faced in his life and career.

But rather than come to Charlie for help with managing his anger, stress and frustration, he simply decided that Charlie could do his dirty work for him. He convinced Charlie to fire his personal assistant, and even brought his girlfriend over to Charlie's place so Charlie could break up with her. But enough was enough, and Charlie finally insisted that Cee Lo fight his own battles.

Screencrush was disappointed that Green didn't get more screen time, though he did manage to squeeze in a plug for his new Vegas show, "Loberace," which kicked off earlier this week.

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