CeeLo Green's Grammys Outfit Got Meme'd Faster Than You Can Say Bey—

... oncé.

So, CeeLo Green showed up to the Grammys on Sunday looking like this:

John Shearer via Getty Images

Here’s a slow-motion video so you can really take this in:

Say what you will, but it’s certainly a look. The all-gold everything styling is part of Green’s new persona: Gnarly Davidson. But unfortunately for CeeLo Green, you’re not here to learn more about his new persona, are you? You’re here for the memes. And memes there were. Shall we commence?

Diet Coke or bust. @enews #eredcarpet #grammys

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Man, even Drake got in on it.

Me and my chain are just here to collect the trophies for Work and Anti...howbowdah

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Until the next meme.

The 2017 Grammy Awards Ceremony