CeeLo Green Releases Track Declaring 'God Is A Woman'


It isn't every day popular music extols the feminine virtues of the divine. 

But in his new song, "God Is A Woman," gospel singer CeeLo Green does just that.

The singer, best known for his 2006 hit "Crazy," released the track on March 8 in honor of International Women's Day. Beneath the track on his Soundcloud page, Green also wrote a short "manifesto of thought and intention," praising the "mother of the moon and stars."

In the song, Green sings:

God is a woman

Although this idea’s untraditional

I think God is a woman

Making each one of her children original

I stare at the sky until the stars start to fall

If there’s a God at all

It’s a woman

The singer also tweeted a clip of the song with a short video "honoring the women" in his life. 

Green's parents were both ordained Baptist ministers, which might explain why religion has cropped up in the singer's work before. In 2012, Green was enlisted by husband-wife production team Mark Burnett and Roma Downey to create some of the music for their History Channel miniseries “The Bible.”

He offered a further glimpse into his religious views -- and angered some -- during NBC's 2012 New Year's Time Square telecast, when he changed the lyrics of John Lennon's iconic "Imagine" to say "all religion is true" instead of the original "and no religion too" during NBC's 2012 Times Square telecast.

Green is currently touring to promote his latest album "Heart Blanche," which features other spiritually-themed songs like "Music to My Soul" and "Sign of the Times."



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