CeeLo Green Weighs in on New Track, Gnarls Barkley Reunion, and Social Media

Sometimes we do stupid things. Sometimes we write stupid things on social media. Almost always we regret the latter, and have a trail of comments to make sure we never forget. It's a way of life, and has been ever since Tom from MySpace uploaded his thumbnail or you yourself signed up for Friendster. When you're a celebrity, you're obviously judged under a massive microscope - like one designed by Rick Moranis' Honey, I Blew Up the Kid character -- CeeLo Green knows a bit about that notion.

The hitmaker and former Voice judge ran into some controversy a few years back surrounding tweets he put out following a felony charge (the felony charges themselves, which led to probation, were a bit alarming but I don't know the real story -- just what I've read -- so Google it if you want.) Since this is mostly a music series, I'm focusing on that. These days Green is focusing on his craft, and -- no doubt -- thinking long and hard what he posts on the Twitterverse.

The Goodie Mob/Gnarls Barkley star just premiered the official music video for "Working Class Heroes (Work)" off his recent solo effort Heart Blanche. The track is also featured on the upcoming soundtrack for Barbershop: The Next Cut. Green has also released a series of live material. Last week, A-Sides chatted with the alt-R&B/soulful artist and asked him about the new song, the ten-year anniversary of Gnarls Barkley's St. Elsewhere debut, and, yes, social media. Read on.

There's a certain 80's element to "Working Class Heroes (Work)." Did you set out as a throwback or am I completely hearing things?
No, you are not. There was a deliberate 80's influence initially for the direction of the album, it ultimately took a tuner but these are a few of the remaining songs that ended up make the final cut.

You've released some live material lately. Arguably more so than any musician I listen to, you seem to fully embrace the live performance. Can you describe the difference between recording in a studio and watching a song come together versus performing it on stage?
The differences are you begin to be tempted with the accessibility of manufacturing or making a song as perfectly as you like it to be, but there is something very gratifying about being in the "raw" and having that emotion being an involuntary action and leave it be.... And you know, there's a show case of confidence in there.

Speaking of which, have you ever worn your Gnarls Barkley stage outfits off stage? I miss those.
No I haven't.

You recently spoke to EW about the 10-year anniversary of Gnarls Barkley. Can we expect another album down the road? If not, are you comfortable leaving the band off where you did?
Oh, well we are in talks and in a high hopes to do another project in a very near future, so, no, I like to do another one. We both would.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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