Never Mix Up Your Ceiling Fan Pull Cords Again With This Genius Invention

We've all been there. In the middle of the night, accidentally blinded by the light.

Ah, summer. Time for long days, weekend getaways and dusting off that faithful ceiling fan for the first time all year.

Regardless of how long we've owned our fans, no one is immune to the horror that is turning on the light when you just want the fan, and vice versa.

Well, rejoice, fan fans: This product duo is about to change your life. It's a pull cord set with one pull featuring a tiny fan at the tip, and the other a tiny lightbulb.

Cute AND useful!
Cute AND useful!

Mind blowing, eh? We first spotted it on Reddit and then found it on Amazon.

And at just $8.97 for the pair, it's a pretty small price to pay to never be wrong ever again (when it comes to your fan, anyway).

Head to Amazon to change your life purchase.

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