Celeb Career Thermometer: Paula Abdul vs. Kate Gosselin

Best Career Move of the Week: Paula Goes Diva

Paula Abdul, the former American Idol judge who quit because she was getting paid jack compared to her co-judges, has accepted the anchor role on VH1 Divas next month. The quirky (and occasionally drug induced), but endearing pop star gave a big middle finger to Simon Cowell and crew via an announcement on her Twitter page: "Hi guys! im really excited 2 announce ill b hosting this year's "VH1 Divas"! The show will be live on Sept 17th @ 9 pm EST," she wrote. She'll be missed on the AI scene (we don't think anyone else can quite perfect those awkward hand claps and tirelessly encouraging run-on-sentences), but we're glad she can spot a cold-hearted snake when she sees one.

Paula's Girl on Top Rule: Don't Waste the Pretty

Worst Career Move of the Week: Kate to Share Her View

Unlike her indecisive hair style (half-business, half-party), Kate Gosselin knows what she wants -- to be in the limelight... always. The Jon & Kate Plus 8 star will be guest hosting on The View on September 14th and 15th, taking the spot of regular co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck who is out on maternity leave. Okay, which producer's ass is Babs going to have to kick for that decision? And what can the audience possibly learn from Kate's views -- how to ruin your kids' lives for the sake of your own selfish gain? Guess we won't be taking a little time to enjoy the view that week.

Kate's Girl on Top rule: Get a Life