Celebrities Who Inspire Us To Hit The Gym And Get Moving

Working out. Love it or hate it, getting fit is a necessary evil for a healthier life. From bootcamp classes to long runs and grueling weight sets that you're dreading ... we've been there.

In need of some inspiration? Take a look at these stars who've found time to stop for a quick pic between reps.

Some go the typical route, opting for straightforward cardio machines as Khloe Kardashian demonstrates:

Kaley Cuoco and Jonathan Bennett (he of "Mean Girls" man candy fame) prove that friends who spin together, stay together.

Ready for the next level? "New Girl" actor Max Greenfield steps it up (he's an avid CrossFit junkie).

Jordin Sparks shows us how it's done. Get it girl!

Why can't we look like Jessica Alba after a treadmill session?

Mario Lopez should go by Muscles McGee.

If this post-workout picture isn't motivation, we don't know what is. Yes Nick Jonas, you most certainly are a #diabeticinshape.

Or how about Gabrielle Union? She is 40 years old, and killing it.

Fashionista Nicky Hilton channels her inner gym rat. Hangin' tough!

Celebs are obsessed with yoga. Gisele Bundchen could be its poster child.

Miley grabs a partner for double the burn.

Or incorporate your entire community like Russell Brand.

Then there are those who lift.

There's no question that George Clooney's ex was a professional wrestler.

Chris Pratt is honest about his health -- his routine focused on shaping up in the kitchen as well as the gym.

It wouldn't be a roundup without Hugh Jackman. This just makes you want to pump some iron!

Ever wondered what to do with those gigantic ropes at the gym? Drake demonstrates.

Celebs love boxing for its combined strength and cardio benefits.

Usher throws up the glove instead of the deuces.

Performers like Ciara and Jennifer Lopez kill two birds with one stone: Concert rehearsal also acts as an intense dance workout!

Other celebrities take a nontraditional fitness approach to avoid boredom. Switch your routine by taking your workout outside or trying a new sport.

Nicole Richie says "SUP" to stand up paddleboarding.

Ellie Goulding raced in this year's Nike Women's Half Marathon in Washington, D.C. Running isn't the only trick in her bag. She's got mad hops too!

Use Ashley Greene as your inspiration for the ultimate sky-high adventure.

Philanthropy and health go hand in hand. In 2010, Jessica Biel climbed to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro with the United Nation Foundation. She simultaneously achieved her fitness and global water crisis awareness goals.

Feeling motivated? Good, now get going! Your body will thank you.



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