The Most Ridiculous Celebrity Food Endorsements EVER (PHOTOS)

Time has shown that celebrities will do just about anything in order to sell their image and make money. We get actresses or models selling beauty products or sports stars selling athletic gear, but sometimes celebrity-endorsed products are just wacky. Food products can be especially weird with many celebs plastering their faces and reputations on questionable items (or at least cheesy packaging). It's clear after combing the web that there are even mini celeb-food trends, like aging rock stars and hot sauce. After you complete your world tour and sell a few million records, the obvious next step would seem to be putting your face on a condiment for burritos, burgers etc. Speaking of burgers, once you see products like Hulk Hogan's "Hulkster Cheese Burger," you can't think about him without picturing frozen meat patties. Enjoy the ones we've singled out and vote for your favorite!

Fruit Flirtations Candy

The Most Ridiculous Celebrity Food Endorsements EVER

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