Celeb Split: Scott Disick No Longer "Keeping Up" With Kourtney Kardashiian

If you're like most of the world and can't help but keep up with Kardashians (whether that be because you actually watch their shows or can't block them out of your newsfeed), you've heard the recent news of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's split. I will admit that I am an avid watcher of this show (I know, I know, guilty pleasures we have) and although Scott was a certified "Disdick" (like what I did there?) a lot of the time, I think we were all rooting for him lately.

Years ago, when Scott was more of an alcoholic and before he and Kourtney had any children, he was a very unlikeable person. But then he became (mostly) sober, and actually really funny. Anyone who watches the show can tell you that Scott and Khloe are two of the most entertaining people on the show(s). Especially after the birth of Scott and Kourtney's third child, Reign, we could all only hope he has sobered up for good and these two can finally tie the knot and be one of our (official) fav couples!

So not the case.

Again, since no one can block the Kardashian klan from their interwebz, the recent pics we've all seen of Scott and ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli (is Scott just protesting the K names like Caitlyn Jenner?!) canoodling in Monaco must have been the last straw for poor Kourt. Some may say she's held on for too long, and is obvious that she didn't want to get married to an addict like Scott. This on again, off again couple seems like they may be "off" for good. I mean, if E News confirms the split, you know it's legit. We see a lot of breakups through our business and this one seemed pretty harsh.

We only wish the best for Kourtney and hope that Scott can eventually get himself cleaned up for the kids. Now Kourtney--please, please sell some of the Lord's expensive, ridiculous crap for sale on here. It's only right.