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Celebrate Easter With a Brunch to Remember

04/07/2014 01:42pm ET | Updated April 7, 2014

Growing up in the '90s during the heyday of Martha Stewart, I can vividly recall my mom's mastery of party-throwing. There isn't a crème she hasn't bruléed, a DIY she hasn't crafted, or a tablescape theme she hasn't set with magician-like precision. That's why at the ripe age of 26, I've called upon her to help me (and you!) create a stunning Easter spread for a brunch to remember. The beautiful Delftware hanging in my parents' kitchen became the serving platters. The decorative wine bucket in the living room served its dutiful purpose to chill the sparkling wine. And like Mary Poppins, she unearthed some things I had never seen before, like the mini milk crates used to store the orange and grapefruit juices. As you plan your own Easter, repurpose trinkets and decor lying around your house. It will invite creativity and coziness to the table. Happy Easter!