Celebrate Easter with Marbled Easter Egg Cakes

Marble Easter Eggs made by Koalipops
Marble Easter Eggs made by Koalipops

Easter is less than week away, and you know you don’t want the same old Easter treats at your party. The Koalipops YouTube channel shows you how to make some gorgeous marbled Easter egg cakes that your guests will swoon over. And the best part is that these cakes are so easy to make!

For the Easter egg cakes you’ll need the following items:

  • a few of different colors of fondant (you can use your favorite colors!)
  • an egg-shaped cake pan
  • your favorite cake recipe
  • buttercream
  • Koalipops also uses an Elder Wand for luck but this is optional

Bake the cake according to the instructions and cover the cake with a buttercream crumb coat. And now comes the fun part! Take your favorite fondant colors and mush the different colors together with your hands so that some of colors fade into each other. Roll out the fondant and cover the entire egg, smoothing out the fondant as you go.

Koalipops makes three different eggs, including a galaxy marble egg, that looks otherworldly. But the great thing about this technique is that you can use whatever colors you want to really makes these cakes your own. Have fun with it, go crazy and make your own otherworldly eggs.

Watch Koalipops make all three marbled eggs here:

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