Happy New Year! Oh Yeah?

Happy New Year! Will it be or won't it be? That's the million-dollar unanswerable question. Looking at what we have right now, I wish I could feel optimistic. In my personal life, I love what I do, what I have and what I have had. There is fear and questioning and loss of confidence in our leadership. Loss of strength and loss of dynamic guidance. The hope is that the next chosen one will take the reins and lead this wonderful country in a positive and healthy direction. And my biggest and desperate wish is that, that leader will be someone with compassion for a country that has honesty, integrity. A country that has arrived partially to accepting all colors -- and not only all colors, but all people from all countries. No questions asked. A country that honors freedom of speech, thoughts and religion. I want to live and die here. I want to embrace and love this country and let 2016 be a good one.

The word Happy regarding this New Year in each of us in my candid opinion does not ring with great hope. Peace is a better word and so a better expression would be "let's have a peaceful new year" and a loving, compassionate one and, yes, one free of fear. Fear breeds disaster, but being aware and truthful and completely present encourages confidence in each of us and the whole world will take notice and respond. Is that too optimistic? Maybe, but it's a step in a positive direction for the new year. I refuse to think and behave in a negative way. It does not produce a healthy mind and body.

So let's talk about celebration, not just once a year, but a celebration each day we wake up to a country at peace -- to a world at peace and to a day we can breathe clean air, see the sun in the morning, the moon and stars at night and feel the raindrops on our cheeks, and a day free of cancer.

Life doesn't move rapidly. It grows and we grow with it. If you really want something to celebrate try this scenario.

Waking up.
Being born.
Being healthy, mentally and physically.
Liking what you do.
Who you are.
And being aware of every waking moment.
And most of all celebrate being alive and living on this planet.

So let's celebrate the possibility of living a healthy, peaceful life in this universe and Mars too. So let the stars shine and give thanks for another year.

Let 2016 be a happy one.

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