Celebrate The 'Broad City' Season Premiere With This Amazing Adult Coloring Book

4 and 3 and 2 and 1...
Yas please. 
Yas please. 

The fourth season of “Broad City” is fast approaching, and in just a few short weeks, fans will revisit the hilarious lives of New York City’s favorite millennials, Abbi Abrams and Ilana Wexler.

Luckily, for any fans who can’t wait for the September 17 premiere, there is now a coloring book to go along with the show. 

The Broad City Coloring Book dropped on Wednesday, and is illustrated by Mike Perry, who also illustrated the show’s infamously trippy opening sequence. 

The coloring book will transport you back to Abbi and Ilana’s New York haunts, like the apartment of the first episode’s Adult Baby, and Abbi’s place of employment, Soulstice. 

There are also psychedelic mad-libs and mazes, and Abbi and Ilana’s friends and foes alike ― Bevers, Lincoln, and Adele to name a few ― all make appearances. 

Get the Broad City Coloring Book here



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