Another Way to Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day

For 10 years, March 21 has been recognized as World Down Syndrome Day. Every year around the world festivities are organized to promote acceptance of Down syndrome and celebrate individuals with Down syndrome, and all they offer our world.

A New Way to Celebrate
This year we have a new way to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day, through the "A Day in the Life with Down syndrome." The interactive website project is a collaborative effort of blogger Meriah Nichols and the Down syndrome Diagnosis Network for individuals with Down syndrome and their family members. The project aims to educate the rest of the world on what life is like for those who have Down syndrome, along with their joys, triumphs, and dreams.

The project hopes to move beyond the well-known medical facts of Down syndrome. Down syndrome is the most common chromosomal difference in the world with nearly one out of every 700 children being born with the extra chromosome.

The project wants to share the compelling stories that show the real, day-to-day life individuals with Down syndrome and their families are living, including the joy, challenges, and aspirations.

Who can participate?
People with Down syndrome are encouraged to participate, but those who love someone with Down syndrome are also welcome. Those who wish to participate can immediately visit A Day in the Life with Down syndrome and upload or share a link to an essay, blog post, photos or video.


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 A Day in the Life with Down syndrome: