Celebrating Africa Day -- Every Year

I remember landing in my first reproduction class and going home feeling cheated for all those years. All I could think was "Like really, mom, it just had to be the mailman delivering babies door to door!"

Young kids are great at questioning things to find answers and meaning to things. It is at the age of about five that children start to ask all those questions you dread like "mommy where did I come from" and at this stage some parents choose to lie to "protect us" until the time is right. Yet sometimes that time never actually reveals itself.

Yes it is lying and we have all done it at some point, if not congratulations I would nominate you for an award and actually request to meet you in person to test your truth meter. What is interesting is that like children, new generations tend to start questioning celebrations and their meaning. This is the time to highlight the importance of our history and preservation of stories that have contributed to who and where we are today! So Africa Day? What are you really? Why are you there? And why is there so much or not so much hype about you? It is important to be factual and have data when it comes to history because it has tremendous impact on the present and the future. You can't afford to have a 50/50 blue lie because what you do yesterday can haunt you in the next ten years so you can imagine the weight historical events carry.

Let's take a look at the 50-year history of Africa Day:

May 25, 1963: Imagine if you were there sitting at that table making decisions and seeing the impact of having a united Africa! Would you have voted to unite to create an organization of African unity? Thirty out of 32 did! What about the other two? You can imagine that these were the times of blood -- the aim was to free other states. This was the first pan-African conference to be held on African soil. This is the voice we should speak with on Africa day 50 years later!

May 25, 1991: OAU changed to AU.

May 25, 2013: Now the AU is focused on Agenda 2063, a blueprint that officials here say will eventually lead to the political and economic integration of Africa.

And what is Africa saying about Africa Day?

What is your African dream?

Yebo, yes that reminder should ring a bell, shouldn't it?

Even our presidents are on Twitter

Each Africa day should be a reminder that we need to TAKE a step towards Unity. My brothers, my sisters the wars , the poverty , the poor health systems -- oh, you name it! That will not stop unless YOU start DOING something. Unite! It is not about the international community is it? It is about US as African people. We must find a sense of purpose to restore our continent. Here are 25 reasons why:

25 good reasons to celebrate Africa Day on the 25th of May next year!

1: It is your inalienable right as an African to control your destiny.

2: Freedom, equality, justice and dignity are essential objectives for the achievement of the legitimate aspirations of the African people.

3: Become conscious of your responsibility to harness the natural and human resources of your continent for the total advancement of your peoples in all spheres of human endeavor.

4. Be inspired by a common determination to promote understanding among our peoples and cooperation among our states in response to the aspirations of our peoples for brotherhood and solidarity, in a larger unity transcending ethnic and national differences.

5. In order to translate this determination into a dynamic force in the cause of human progress, conditions for peace and security must be established and maintained.

6. Safeguard and consolidate the hard-won independence as well as the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our states, and to fight against neocolonialism in all its forms.

7. Show your dedication to the general progress of Africa (acknowledge progress and do not over sulk about the situation of Africa).

8. Remind the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, of the principles of which we reaffirm our adherence, provide a solid foundation for peaceful and positive cooperation among States.

9. for that push so that African States should henceforth unite so that the welfare and well-being of their peoples can be assured.

10. In order to reinforce the links between our states by establishing and strengthening common institutions.

11. For the sake of the 10 above reasons, your voice adds to the weight of the charter you just agreed to in the 1-10 reasons which are actually the OAU charter first page.

12. To acknowledge the history of African people and the power in working together (again, UNITY)

13. To create a sense of purpose as an African citizen.

14. For the sake of your brothers and sisters who fought for your rights even before they knew you existed!

15. Imagine if it were a public holiday in all African states -- something worth fighting for, no?

16. For the love of food, there can be no celebration without goodies.

17. Because you are and were worth the struggle. Africa Day is your day, use it!

18. Because you are looking forward to a prosperous Africa, yes no more power cuts, water shortages and no shock when our government can actually afford paying our unemployed people social security or when it becomes reality that your child has a budget from the government.

19. Because you see the beauty of a self-reliant Africa and independent you!

20. To see beyond today's issues that Africa is facing.

21. Because you want to take part in the plan for your country.

22. Because 51 is a great age: full of wisdom. Draw out this wisdom from Africa on this day from its leaders.

23. Because you have a day you can choose to challenge the status quo and the present leaders of Africa!

24. Because you make a choice to start to see Africa differently.

25. Simply because you believe in the future of a United Africa. And it is that day you will find out about the birth or plan the rebirth of Africa, you will know where baby Africa came from and sorry it is not the mailman!

Believe in baby Africa, see Africa differently, seesano.


Happy Africa Day! Rethink, replan the birth of a United Africa. For more information, go to: www.seesano.com