Celebrating Oscar Week With Red Carpet, Green Dress

For anyone not asked up to the podium, Oscar week is best known for unparalleled celebrity sightings, decadent party-going and the gowns that keep Joan Rivers in business.

Actress/activist Suzy Amis Cameron created her own Oscar-worthy week when she enticed her friends to celebrate the Red Carpet Green Dress competition -- an internationally recognized design competition that weaves together the worlds of fashion and sustainability. The contest was conceived by Amis Cameron during the press tour for husband James Cameron's film Avatar. The campaign challenges designers from around the world to design gowns and tuxedos constructed entirely from sustainable materials, following Cradle to Cradle guidelines. The winning designs are worn on the red carpet at the Academy Awards by a surprise Hollywood actress and actor. "It is not just about a pretty dress," says Amis Cameron. "Because we all wear clothes every day, it is important to start thinking about how they are dyed and milled and what that is doing to our planet and our bodies in the name of fashion. If we don't start addressing environmental issues now it will not matter if we have schools, hybrids or pretty clothes."

"I created Red Carpet Green Dress to raise funds for MUSE School CA and also to bring more attention to sustainable fashion," explains Amis Cameron. To further both her commitment to conscious living and to raise funds for Muse's scholarship program, Suzy Amis Cameron hosted an intimate plant-based lunch and Previse Skincare session with some of her closest friends. The event was held at the MUSE School in California. Founded by Suzy and her sister Rebecca Amis in 2005, the school was started to "Inspire and prepare young people to live consciously with themselves, one another, and the planet."

In collaboration with Previse, "Seed To SkinCare" was an idea that grew out of the school's "Seed to Table" program, which teaches students prep, cook and safety skills while practicing food preservation techniques and other methods for reducing food waste. All ingredients in the vegan dishes served at the lunch were harvested at the school by the children. All of the recipes were inspired by the ingredients in Previse Skincare's natural line products.

Suzy was excited to partner with Previse because all of their ZeroSilicone recipes are free of harsh preservatives, skin clogging silicones, petroleum and synthetic oils. Previse SkinCare President and CEO, Sean Patrick Harrington says, "At Previse our orientation is 100% education. We passionately believe the world can be a safer, healthier, kinder place by connecting people who share this passion with one another. We created a company with natural, bio-safe recipes (safe for the person, safe for the home, safe for the community, safe for the planet) that people want to share with one another."

Clearly this initiative is very personal to everyone involved.

Red Carpet, Green Dress