Celebrating the First Anniversary of the EU Ban On Animal Testing for Cosmetics

This month, Cruelty Free International celebrated the one year anniversary of the historic complete ban on marketing of animal-tested cosmetics in all 28 nations that make up the European Union. From March 11, 2013, not only can no animal testing for cosmetics take place in the European Union, but new cosmetic products that have been tested on animals cannot be sold.

It was a long hard fought 20 year battle in the European Union making the victory all the more triumphant. Cruelty Free International has wasted no time in rolling out campaigns around the globe including the U.S., garnering celebrity support giving presentations at important industry conferences and meeting with key legislative offices including that of Congressman Jim Moran who, on March 5, introduced a federal bill, H.R 4148 the Humane Cosmetics Act, to end cosmetics testing on animals in the United States!

Earlier this month we furthered our efforts in the United States and with Congressman Moran by hosting a Congressional briefing at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. on March 11th in honor of the anniversary of the EU ban and Congressman Moran's leadership on the issue in the US.

Cruelty Free International is also charging forward in other countries including India, Russia, Australia, China, Korea, Brazil, Canada and ASEAN.

Nobody expects change to happen overnight but, no one can deny that EU ban has had a major impact on the industry and has proven that the world's largest cosmetics industry can thrive without the use of cruel cosmetics tests. This, coupled with a new ground-breaking scientific report on the alternatives to animal tests released by Cruelty Free International, provides a roadmap for Governments around the world to replace cruel cosmetics tests by December 2015.

Now more than ever, countries around the globe where animal testing is still allowed, including the United States and Canada, have the tools and incentive necessary to finally end animal testing for cosmetics.