Celebrating the International Day of Self-Love

Celebrating the International Day of Self-Love
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For a day that’s supposed to be all about giving and receiving love, February 14th far too often leaves single people feeling alone and a lot of people in relationships feeling disappointed. Check out the faces of people the day after the 14th. Some frowns may have faded, but many a mated person will still be suffering from an expectation hangover — disappointed by yet another Valentine’s Day that didn’t measure up to their hopeful, and unrealistic, ideals.

To save them from misery, Christine Arylo, author of Madly in Love with ME and Choosing Me Before We, invites people from all over the globe to take their love power back by celebrating the International Day of Self-Love on on February 13th.

“The International Day of Self-Love serves to strengthen a person’s feeling of being loved, so that by February 14th they don’t need anyone else to give them love,” says Arylo. “Any love that shows up is extra. And they are so full of love that on February 14th they are able to give love to all the people they love, not just their romantic partner. When they’re filled up with love, and steeped in their Love Power, the loneliness and let-down just don’t show up.”

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Christine for this far-reaching New World Now podcast interview, just in time for this year’s International Day of Self-Love. We talked about how the paths of self-love and “the feminine wisdom way” can empower us to recognize the unique contributions we have to offer in our work, families, and communities, so we have a chance at shifting and shaping this world into the kind we desire to live in. I hope you’ll enjoy the interview.

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