Celebrating the Superhero in Every Dad

Father's Day is a perfect time to pay tribute to all dads, who have done so much to help us grow into the people we are today.

Like so many of us, I think my dad is a superhero, even at age 85. Growing up, I thought he was the smartest, most handsome father and I always had so much fun whenever we spent time together.

Whether it was singing Patsy Cline songs, teaching me to drive (it was traumatic for both of us), cooking a big breakfast for everyone on Sunday mornings or starting the garden in the springtime, my dad did it all with grace and style. And he still has the best smile and kindest heart.

And just like a real superhero, my dad always made me feel safe and protected. It's a special power shared by so many other dads as well. Of course, every superhero needs a little help, whether it's a good sidekick or simply access to the right information.

So in honor of my dad, and all the superhero dads out there, I thought I'd share three tips that can help any day, perhaps even this Father's Day.

With a nod to my favorite superhero, my dad, here you go!

  • Talk the talk and walk the walk. Kids are like sponges and they want to be just like their dads in every way. Set the example by wearing a seat belt every time in the car, wearing a helmet while biking, and putting phones or other devices down when you're driving or crossing the street.
  • Check all those TVs in your home. Kids love to explore around the house, play hide and seek, and you never know what they may try to climb on -- including furniture or TV stands. Take a few minutes to secure your TV to the wall to prevent any injuries from TV tip-overs. Here are some tips that can help.
  • Watch those young swimmers at all times. Will your family be around water this weekend? If your kids are yelling, "watch me" or "look at me," it turns out that's great advice. Make sure to give your kids your undivided attention, without distraction. Here's a great gift, our Water Watcher card, a helpful reminder to everyone.

To all the dads who do so much to keep us safe and sound, have a happy Father's Day.