Celebrating World Doula Week In Photos

Lets look at some amazing doulas in action.
03/26/2017 11:32am ET | Updated March 27, 2017
Kaylie Long Photography

Her face says it all!

Just this week I was asked what a doula is, fitting for World Doula Week. I always explain doula work in two short paragraphs depending on who I am speaking with.

“Think of your best friend or sister being with you through your entire pregnancy. Now think of your best friend or sister being with you through your entire pregnancy, but with absolutely no opinion on what or how you do unless you ask them for the information. That’s your doula - we’re going to love you and support you in whatever way you need in the moment without any bias whatsoever.”


“Imagine you’ve decided to run a triathlon in nine months, a triathlon you aren’t allowed to quit once you’ve started the race. You’re determined to succeed so what do you do? You hire a trainer. Someone who knows the ins and outs of triathlons. A person who is going to lift you up and push you through when you need it, who has every answer to any triathlon question you have, and who is going to be there cheering you on at the end no matter if you run, walk, or crawl across the finish line. That’s what a doula does, but instead of a triathlon it’s with pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.”

So now that you have idea about what a doula is, let’s look at some amazing doulas in action.

Kaylie Long Photography

Arkansas Family Doulas doing what they do best!

Timeless Touch Photography LLC - Liz Hoffman

Green Bay Doulas offering phenomenal support to their laboring client!

Timeless Touch Photography LLC - Liz Hoffman

Yes, doulas are always proud and amazed at how strong their clients are!

Quaint and Whim Photography

As a doula, we support women through their pregnancy and birth so it does not have to be overcast with anxiety or fear. We help them feel prepared and supported. Our exclusive focus is on catering to their every need.

Kaylie Long Photography

Sondra of Arkansas Family Doulas using her voice to help her client remember where she is and who she is surrounded by.

Dawn knowing exactly what sacral pressure this client needs to get through her pitocin contractions.

This is some of the Concierge Doulas team on a private tour of a local hospital, and learning more about it. Why is this significant? Because Doulas are for every birth, and we want to be sure to be welcomed and supported with medical staff. Creating a Birth team with one central goal in mind is ideal. We are the change.

Your doula can teach your partner really amazing comfort techniques like Eva did here for her brother-in-law with the Rebozo.

Belly Art by Angela Freebury

Your doula also has a toolkit full of amazing ideas to celebrate motherhood! Eva of Brighton Based Birth and Postnatal Doula did just that here.

Clayton and Rose Photography

Porter of Doulas of the Mid-Atlantic and The Birth Workers Academy helping with that first latch, but remember that we support you in whatever manner you choose to feed your baby.

Clayton and Rose Photography

Porter sitting in silence with her client who needed a minute of calm to gather her thoughts.

Clayton and Rose Photography

And finally, your doula will step back and not interfere with the bonding of a family. We know this moment has always been about you and your baby.

Let’s finish World Doula Week off strong. Thank you doula if you had one, tell another doula you admire how amazing they are, and if you’re expecting reach out to a local doula and learn more!