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Celebrities At Disneyland: Who Likes To Celebrate At The Happiest Place On Earth? (PHOTOS)

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Celebrities are just like us--they dine out, they go on vacation, they have run-ins with airlines and they love Disney.

Superstars like Michael Jackson and TV faves like the Cosby Kids have even appeared in ads supporting Walt's parks.

Of course, a trip to Disneyland is totally convenient for Hollywood types. Located just about 30 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, in Anaheim, Disney's California outpost is a convenient way for stars and starlets to blow off some steam.

Perhaps one of the biggest celebrity spectacles was back in 2008 when Miley Cyrus closed Disneyland for her 16th birthday party.

Didn't get invited? That's OK, try scoring a date with Ryan Gosling who apparently likes to take his lady friends on Disneyland dates. Back in September,Eva Mendes was reportedly one such lucky lady when the two were spotted...gasp...holding hands at the park.

Speaking of getting romantical, Chord Overstreet and Emma Roberts also chose Disneyland as the location of a date in August.

Of course, Disneyland is totally about the kids. So, it's no surprise that Jennie Garth, Salma Hayek and Christina Aguilera took theirs to play at the parks.

But, it's not just Disneyland that draws celebs. Walt Disney World in Orlando gets many a nod from celebrities too.

Taking a cue from the "happiest place on earth" moniker, Courtney Cox and David Arquette chose Disney World as the site of a post-separation family reunion with their daughter.

Across the pond, Paris Hilton was just in Disneyland Paris for the resort's Halloween celebrations.

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