Celebrities And LA Figures Flock To Dodger Stadium As Team Hits Streak (PHOTOS)

LOOK: Celebs Are All Over The Dodgers

The Dodgers are undeniably on a hot streak -- for avid fans, the past two months have been nothing short of magical. The team started off the summer dead last in the National League West, with a few hurt players and shaky management.

However, with grit and a little spirit, the Dodgers climbed their way back to the top and are now ranked first in the League, gaining 11 games on the Diamondbacks who have since dropped to second place.

But in LA, the biggest stars are often found in the stands. Over the past few months, big names such as Jay-Z, Mel Brooks, Kobe Bryant and Britney Spears have been spotted having fun in the sun at Dodger Stadium.

Click through the slideshow below to see some big names who have shown up recently at Dodger Games:

Singer Psy

Celebs Love The Dodgers

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