Celebrities Rally Behind Emma Watson's Feminism Speech In Wake Of Nude Photo Threats

After giving an impassioned, empowering speech at the United Nations about the need for men to take up for the fight for gender equality on Sept. 20, actress and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson found herself the target of nude photo leak threats.

Although the threats thankfully turned out to be a hoax by a "social media marketing firm," they reflect a disturbing notion that violating women's privacy has the capacity to disarm and intimidate them.

Not this time. Celebrities have rallied in response to the threats and the misogynist thinking behind them, tweeting in support of Watson and her work on the HeForShe initiative her speech launched. Watson has retweeted many of them in over the past few days.

"You are impeccable & extraordinary," wrote "Avengers" actor Tom Hiddleston in his tweet. "I stand with you. I believe in gender equality. #heforshe."

Many of the tweets were accompanied by a photo of the celebrities holding a sign reading "#heforshe," as suggested by Watson. Their response was, in a word, incredible. Enough famous faces offered their support that "Girls" creator Lena Dunham thinks that they should be compiled into a "sexy calendar." And hey, what's sexier than supporting equality?

Check out some of the celebrities' HeForShe photos below.

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