Celebrities Flock to Celebrate Perez Hilton's 10 Year Anniversary

Perez Hilton -- Courtesy of Faye Sadou

And they say relationships never last in Hollywood. Perez Hilton, known for stirring the celebrity pot, is proof there is longevity in La La land.

Perez Hilton celebrated 10 years of blogging in West Hollywood last weekend and was surrounded by an array of celebrity friends.

Perez Hilton -- Courtesy of Faye Sadou

Helping Perez celebrate were Michelle Trachtenberg, Amber Rose, Shar Jackson, Princess Superstar, O Town, Neon Hitch, Laurieann Gibson, EJ Johnson, Jenna Jameson, Chanel Westcoast, Bruno Tomieolli, Jaden Michaels, Sky Stevens, David Tutera and more...

Jenna Jameson and Neon Hitch sharing a kiss -- Courtesy of Faye Sadou

Here's to 10 more Perez!