Celebrities' High Heels Are Often In Places They Shouldn't Be (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Looks Like These Celebrities Chose the Wrong Footwear...

Last week, we learned that high heels might not be responsible for some of the health problems we once accused them of. Perhaps that's why celebrities and commoners alike choose scary stilettos for both everyday and unorthodox activities (like exercising).

While many high-profile women admonish them (ahem, Sarah Jessica Parker, Arianna Huffington), some stars like Kate Upton are adept at multi-tasking in perilous pumps. We'll admit that high heels offer an enviable boost to height, glamour and confidence -- so much so that it often seems celebs don't want to take their magic footwear off. Bicycle race? Beach trip? Some of our favorite ladies sport the shoes through it all. We've rounded up the wackiest high-profile high heel moments below. Which activity is your favorite?

Check out these acrobatic celebs:

Sofia Vergara

Celebrities Wearing Heels In Places They Shouldn't

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