9 Things Celebs Can Teach Us About Life Balance

woman silhouette with arms raised praying.
woman silhouette with arms raised praying.

Hectic schedules, buzzing gadgets and nonstop work are seriously stressing us out. Our career-centric culture can get so demanding that we forget what's truly important: our health, mental stability and sense of empowerment.

In this Third Metric spirit, take a page from your favorite stars who remind us what really counts.

1. Be selfless and help others.

2. Get involved and give back to causes you're passionate about.

3. Be present in nature and appreciate its beauty.

4. Take a nap when you need it.

5. Pamper your body; it does amazing things and deserves a reward!

6. Never lose sight of your playful side.

7. Enjoy the serenity of your thoughts through meditation.

8. Spend time with those who matter most -- your family.

9. Revel in life's simple pleasures.



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