Celebrities Mock Donald Trump's Attack On Nordstrom By Shopping There

"Just dropped a giant pile of money with Nordstrom. Happy to spend my money with you."

Celebrities are taking a page out of Chelsea Handler’s playbook and throwing their money at Nordstrom.

Just a few days after the president of the United States attacked the retailer on Twitter for dropping his daughter Ivanka Trump’s line, Handler went on a Nordstrom shopping spree, then took her purchases to the White House.

Celebrities including Rosie O’Donnell, Michael Moore, Kristen Davis, and Aisha Tylor quickly shared their own Nordstrom purchases:

Mia Farrow, Aidy Bryant, Judd Apatow and Patton Oswalt were among those who tweeted glowing endorsements of the store or talked about future shopping trips:

Nordstrom cited a lack of sales for their decision to stop carrying Ivanka Trump merchandise, but George Takei saw the move as something bigger happening with businesses in America:

It seems like all of the attention to Nordstrom paid off, as Handler pointed out on Twitter:

Your move, Trump!

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