6 Celebrities Get Really Philosophical In The Back Of Rainn Wilson's Van

It's as great as it sounds.

When Rainn Wilson isn't acting in a television series, voicing an animated movie character, producing a show or spending time with his adorable family, there's a rather unusual place he's been found: in the back of his classic van. Often with various celebrities.

It's all a part of Wilson's creative media company, SoulPancake. As SoulPancake's co-founder, Wilson helps create inspiring, funny and thought-provoking video content that digs into life's big questions. Wilson opened up about his own tightly held beliefs during his recent appearance on "Oprah: Where Are They Now?", and turned the tables on his famous colleagues in one of SoulPancake's original series, called Metaphysical Milkshake.

"What people believe is probably the biggest question of all," Rainn says. "I've gotten to talk to some really amazing minds."

The above video features some of those "amazing minds," like Mindy Kaling revealing the best decision she's ever made, Russell Brand sharing his most profound spiritual experience to date and Olive Wilde explaining the inherent value of heartbreak.

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