Celebrities Picking Up Their Dogs' Poop (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Celebrities Scooping Up After Their Dogs

They may be furry, slobbering animals, but in many ways, dogs are wildly humanizing.

While celebrities hold sway over the star-struck public, rendering them deferential and sometimes even speechless upon chance encounters, dogs' colorblindness extends to fame. A dog does not care how many films someone has made, how many awards they've won or who they're sleeping with; a four legged friend just wants some food, water, and love. And two walks a day, for reasons above and beyond exercise.

No matter what a dog's owner does for a living, whether it comes with a million dollar paycheck or the minimum wage, the law requires that they pick up post-relief. Or, scoop their dog's poop. And so it goes, a paparazzo's delight, borne out in the photos below.


John Krasinski

Celebrities Scooping Their Dogs' Feces

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