Celebrities' Plastic Surgery Records Lifted In Massive Theft

"We're finding out more and more everyday."

Which celebrities had work done is often one of the best-kept secrets.

Or at least it used to be.

A former employee allegedly stole the records of 15,000 patients ― including the rich and famous ― from a Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice on iconic Rodeo Drive, CBS Los Angeles reported Thursday.

A spokesperson for Dr. Zain Kadri’s office told the station that the staffer also took photos of patients during their procedures and posted them on social media. Some of the alleged activities came to light during a company audit.

The office reported the thefts to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and has alerted clients, the station noted.

The sheriff’s department confirmed to the New York Daily News that it was investigating and that the ex-worker was “being sought for questioning.”

According to the tabloid, the photos of unconscious patients were discovered after the accused, who was no longer employed by the office, violated a restraining order recently and left behind her cellphone as police escorted her away from a record-keeping storage facility offsite. She apparently also had taken pictures of patients’ credit card numbers and other sensitive information.

As for who among the prominent might be at risk, the spokesperson said: “Quite a few of our patients are people that would be recognizable and are of an affluential status,” LAist reported.

This whole thing is turned upside down, we’re finding out more and more everyday. We’re focusing on trying to take care of the patients,” the spokesperson told LAist.