Celebrities 'Weep Tears Of Joy' As Doug Jones Pulls Off Surprise Senate Win In Alabama

"Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity, Alabama."

As Democrat Doug Jones pulled off a victory in the Senate special election in Alabama on Tuesday, defeating his embattled Republican opponent Roy Moore, celebrities took to social media to celebrate the shock win. 

Actress Alyssa Milano, who’d traveled to Alabama to canvass for Jones, thanked the state ― one of the nation’s reddest ― through tears. “The country needed this,” she said in a video posted to Twitter. 

Late-night host Stephen Colbert called it a “Christmas miracle.” “Scandal” star Kerry Washington said Jones voters had opted for “a more perfect union. A place where we ALL matter.” 

In the days leading up to the vote, many celebrities had taken to social media to drum up support for Jones, urging Alabamians to stay on the #RightSideOfHistory to defeat Moore, who has faced weeks of sexual harassment and assault allegations.

Actors, comedians, singers, activists, writers and others took to Twitter to celebrate Jones’ win on Tuesday. Scroll down to see some of their reactions: