Celebrities Share Their First Jobs, Which Were Unglamorous Just Like Yours

Lin-Manuel Miranda used to serve up slushies!

For most of us, our first gigs probably involved a hairnet or some data entry skills. And as it turns out, it was the same for many of our favorite celebs.

Twitter users recently shared what their first seven jobs were, using the hastag #FirstSevenJobs and #First7Jobs. Celebrities joined in the fun, revealing that superstardom didn’t come to them right off the bat, either. 

The hashtag began trending last week after Twitter user Marian Call shared her first seven jobs. Soon enough, actors, and astronauts alike were sharing their experiences. From shampooing gigs to sneaker sales, these celebs have quite the eclectic resumes. 

Check out a few of the highlights below:


We suspect comedian Stephen Colbert might have spent a lot of time stretched out on a futon.

Actor Lin-Manuel Miranda was once making copies as an intern, just like the rest of us. 

We have no doubt actress Constance Wu definitely rocked her khakis as a Gap employee. 

Astronaut Terry Virts probably made an out-of-this-world paper boy. 

We wonder if astronaut Buzz Aldrin ever saw a flying saucer during as his time as a dishwasher. 

Who knew Savannah Guthrie worked as a Sk8er girl?

Singer-songwriter Regina Spektor was probably a pro at singing lullabies while babysitting. 

Singer-songwriter Christina Perri can probably make a mean mojito. 

Moral of the story? The road to your dream job isn’t necessarily a fast and straight one. So take comfort in knowing that these successful folks didn’t always live the fab life. 



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