Celebrities Speaking Spanish (VIDEO)

Politicians aren't the only ones trying to speak in Spanish. Some of our favorite Hollywood celebrities have gone down the same road trying to hablar en Espa&ntildeol.

With 329 million native speakers, Spanish ranks as the world's No. 2 language in terms of how many people speak it as their first language.

Spanish is the official language of 24 different countries. From Mexico to Argentina, different Spanish accents are endless.

And words that mean one thing in one country, mean something completely different in the next. It's a complicated language! And, for some definitely more than others.

In the video slideshow below, a number of celebrities give their best shot at speaking Spanish and you'd be surprised which ones spoke it well and which ones completely failed (no, having Hispanic heritage doesn't necessarily make you a fluent speaker).

Take a look at their attempt to speak Spanish and tell us who do you think did it best:

Celebrities Speaking Spanish