Celebrities Who Hate Technology: 8 Bigwigs Who Aren't Into Cellphones, Computers Or Facebook

Celebs Who Hate Tech: 8 Bigwigs Who Aren't Into Cellphones, Computers Or Facebook

For many of us, living without our phones, computers or Facebook accounts seems like it would be darn near impossible. How else would we be able to find people at concerts or figure out what time it is or see the pictures from our sister's ex-boyfriend's wedding?

However, going tech-free can be done. A small but proud minority of the super rich and super renowned claim to shun technology of all kinds while somehow continuing to produce important work and remain (fairly) relevant.

How do the rich and famous eschew smartphones without missing their flights to Cannes? Well, they don't really say, which means we should probably assume they have an assistant with a smartphone, computer and Twitter account. But whether these disconnected notables are truly going without or are just paying people to do their dirty work, the eight following technophobes have some fascinating reasoning for avoiding tech.

Check out who uses computers as decoration; who doesn't know what the internet is; who would rather have a rectal exam than use Facebook, and more, in our slideshow below.

Karl Lagerfeld


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