Celebrities Torch Twitter As They Lose Their Legacy Blue Check Marks

Quinta Brunson, Halle Berry and Mark Hamill were among the stars reacting Twitter's plan to drop their verified status.

Celebrities bid farewell to their legacy blue check marks on Twitter and vowed to continue “tweeting unbothered” without them following the social platform’s announcement that it would do away with the icons.

The company said Wednesday that it would strike “legacy verified” check marks from users’ pages on Thursday and implored people to pay $8 a month to keep their check marks.

Halle Berry was among those who poked fun at the plans, tweeting that she’d be “joining you all tomorrow unverified 🥰” alongside a clip of her appearance on “The Tonight Show” from 1998.

“Abbott Elementary” creator Quinta Brunson also mocked Twitter and said she “just wanted to stay” on the platform to give updates about her Emmy and Golden Globe-winning show.

“This really works out for me because I was plan[n]ing on never using this website again after tonight, anyway,” she wrote on Wednesday.

Kerry Washington responded with a shrugging GIF.

“Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill asked followers to screenshot a blue check mark emoji “in case it’s not there” on Thursday.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk previously teased that the platform would be removing blue check marks starting April 1. Some legacy verified accounts still had check marks next to them as of early Thursday.

Other celebrity reactions are below:

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