Celebrities Who Grew Up On Farms: 14 Stars Who Went From The Ranch To Hollywood (PHOTOS)

Believe it or not, the road to success wasn't easy for some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

From Eva Longoria and Charlize Theron to Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, a handful of celebrities left behind their corn-picking, motorbike riding, cow milking lifestyles for fame and fortune. (Could you blame them?)

Actually, some of them barely got the chance to watch a movie before making one!

"We had one theater in our town. Our town was only 2500 people and we lived 30 miles out on the farm. So [going] to the movie theater, that’s going to cost me 20 bucks in gas ... it’s going to cost me 40, round trip," Garrett Hedlund told SlashFilm.com of his childhood in Minnesota. "And so when 10 movies come out a weekend, we would only get one of those. They don’t even play my films in the town. My dad has to drive to Fargo to go see my film. That’s a three hour drive."

Also known as a pain in the neck...

Check out 13 other stars who were born and raised on ranches:



Celebrities Who Grew Up On Farms