Celebrities Who Renounced Their Citizenship (SLIDESHOW)

8 Celebrities Who Cut Ties With Their Countries

Tina Turner made news last week when it was reported that the 73-year-old music legend was planning on renouncing her American citizenship in favor of one from Switzerland -- a move that immediately sparked speculation that Turner was simply trying to avoid paying hefty taxes. But while the motion is hardly a spontaneous decision -- Turner has resided in Zurich with her partner, German music manager Erwin Bach, since 1995 -- the news still came as a shock for die-hard "AMERICA" fans who'd never think of waving goodbye to their country, 'tis of thee.

Turner isn't the only celebrity who's ended ties to the U.S., of course. Click through the slideshow below to see the other celebrities who've renounced citizenship to their countries.

Eduardo Saverin

Celebrities Who Renounced Their Citizenship

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