Celebrities Without Pants; Stars Show Off Their Legs In Super Short Outfits (PHOTOS)

Pants are apparently optional these days.

Stars like Selena Gomez and Amanda Seyfried have been spotted out recently rocking some seriously short shorts, and now pop princess Christina Aguilera has jumped on the pant-less band wagon twice ... in one week. Ladies, honestly, where have all your pants gone?

We know long and lean legs can be a girls greatest asset, but sometimes it can be a little too much. Micro mini dresses and booty shorts certainly don't help the cause, but some of these outfits cross the proverbial hemline. There is really is no need for your jacket to be longer than your skirt, or for the pockets of your shorts to stick out lower than the frayed edges.

Check out some of Hollywood's hottest ladies looking rather leggy below!


Celebrities Without Pants