'Celebrity Apprentice': Lisa Lampanelli Unloads On Lou Ferrigno, Arsenio Hall And Dayana Mendoza (VIDEO)

Lisa Lampanelli went on a rampage on this week's "Celebrity Apprentice" (Sun., 9 p.m. ET on NBC) like she was at a celebrity roast. Only this wasn't coming from a place of love and respect. She was infuriated by the eliminations last week, blaming both Dayana Mendoza and Lou Ferrigno. She eventually backed down on her insults to Mendoza, but there was no love left for Ferrigno.

Aubrey O'Day returned to the fold, and she and Arsenio Hall appeared to make up, as reported by Zap2It. At least, they made up for the show. O'Day admitted she really doesn't like him, but will bite her tongue and be a team player, while Hall feels he got the right results, if he could maybe have chosen different language. Don't worry, Lampanelli yelled at him as well for using such words about O'Day.

In the end, Lou Ferrigno was fired, though EW suggested that maybe he shouldn't have been. After all, he was right in that his ideas weren't being heard. What about Penn Jillette, who seems to come and go as he pleases throughout these tasks?

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