'Celebrity Apprentice': Dee Snider And Debbie Gibson Reflect On Firings (VIDEO)

Dee Snider and Debbie Gibson were the two latest contestants to be fired by Donald Trump on "The Celebrity Apprentice." Tuesday, they both stopped by "Good Day New York" (weekdays, 7 a.m. ET on Fox) to talk about their experiences on the show dish on the rest of the field.

For her part, Gibson seemed to be relieved that her time on the show was finished. "Being fired was kind of like being spared, because it was getting a little toxic around there. I think people were going for ganging up, alliances, low blows, pot-shots ... I thought, if I'm not going to win the whole thing, I might as well go right now, I could just see it turning," she explained.

Both Snider and Gibson had some strong opinions on which members of their teams should have been fired instead of them. On the men's side, Snider nominated Lou Ferrigno, and detailed why. "The team's been carrying him the entire season ... he's a one-note horn. 'I'll be 'The Hulk,' I'll be on stage, I'll be the front, I'll take my shirt off.' He's a performer, it's all he can do," Snider charged.

Gibson pointed to Aubrey O'Day, who's quickly become this season's most controversial contestant. "If it was just about the fund-raising, at that point, Aubrey [O'Day] shoud've gone home," Gibson lamented.

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