'The Celebrity Apprentice': Aubrey O'Day Fired For Being 'Transparent' (VIDEO)

The penultimate episode of "The Celebrity Apprentice" (Sun., 9 pm. ET on NBC) offered up perhaps the most shocking elimination yet. For much of the season, Aubrey O'Day has been a major player, but she's also been very abrasive and opinionated.

To Donald Trump, that equates to her being "transparent," and it was for that reason that she was fired. But O'Day didn't understand what Trump meant by calling her "transparent."

"There’s nothing see-through about me," she said. "I am somebody that is in your face and shines so bright!"

O'Day wasn't gone for long, though. Clay Aiken brought her back in for the final challenge against his lone remaining opponent Arsenio Hall. They had to put together and star in a variety show for their respective charities.

Next week, one of the men will walk away with the whole prize. Aiken would appear to be the favorite based on his performance both this week and all season in comparison to Hall. But Trump loves being unpredictable.

"The Celebrity Apprentice" season finale kicks off next Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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