Celebrity Auction Offers Chance To Pitch Superstar Entrepreneurs

Ever dream of getting your million-dollar idea in front of some of the biggest names in business? Dream no more. The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship is sponsoring the Dare To Dream Auction, in which aspiring entrepreneurs can bid for one-on-one time with one of five superstar entrepreneurs.

The auction, which is being monitored by Charitybuzz, is offering up power meetings with one of five entrepreneurs, including Bobbi Brown Cosmetics founder Bobbi Brown, AOL co-founder and philanthropist Steve Case, FUBU founder and "Shark Tank" star Daymond John, restaurateur Danny Meyer and entertainment mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs.

The online auction, which runs until April 25, is geared toward low-income and minority populations, with most minimum bids starting at $500. All of the proceeds of the auction will directly benefit the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, which sponsors nationwide programs in high schools that help re-engage students and introduce them to business.

Currently, Case has the most interest, with 9 bids totaling $1,350. John has four, followed by Meyer with three, while Brown is still awaiting bids. Combs was introduced as a mentor today, with an auction value of $15,000 and a minimum bid of $1,000 to start. Besides Combs, the other four opportunities are valued between $2,000 and $2,500.

"No entrepreneur can do it alone -- and often the right mentor can make the difference between success and failure," NFTE president and CEO Amy Rosen said. "For NFTE students, mentors –- most often successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople -– motivate them to dream big and see a world of opportunity through business."