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What's Hot at Home: Celebrity Baby Boom!

There is a baby boom in Hollywood that shows no sign of slowing down. Just like we are influenced by celebrities in fashion choices, the influence of how they deck out their babies' nurseries is ever present now more than ever!
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Pick up any weekly magazine and the pages are filled with photos of pregnant celebrities. There is a baby boom in Hollywood that shows no sign of slowing down. Just like we are influenced by celebrities in fashion choices, the influence of how they deck out their babies' nurseries is ever present now more than ever! There are a whole bunch of trends I isolated for you to love or loathe for your own Little Johnny or Bear, Armie, Scout, Apple or Bananas.
As I recommend with all trends, whether for the home or in fashion, take cues from the trends and the celebs who love them, and tailor to your own style. Here's what I think are big celebrity trends in 2012 for nursery decor. One thing is for sure... it's all about luxe. Here's a recap from last weekend's NBC New York segment and a breakdown:

Luxe Lighting
Chandeliers are the new lighting of choice in celebrity baby nurseries. From uber modern to over the top opulence, take your pick. J.Lo, Mariah and Ivanka Trump favor this look for their baby digs. I personally love this look for a few reasons. First, you can get great chandeliers nowadays for under $100 to well into the thousands and achieve a similar look. So, even if you don't have a celebrity budget this is an attainable look. Also, chandeliers work well with dimmer switches that are a new Mom's best friend. Lowering the lights is often an easier way to get baby to sleep than turning them off altogether. I found a lot of gorgeous options from simple to sublime on

Gone are the days nurseries were all about fire trucks and giraffes everywhere! Lots of celebs are embracing an uber-modern aesthetic in the nursery with full force and with Beyonce recently purchasing that acrylic crib, we won't see this trend going away any time soon! Hold on, I'm scratching my head... OK, I'm back. We are also hearing about a new European contemporary cradle, the So-Ro cradle, with fans like Jennifer Garner and the Ali Landry. For me, sometimes a super modern nursery feels cold, weird and just too darn Swedish! I think the way to counteract that vibe is to add big splashes of color. I adore the modern cribs from and a quick search on Pinterest pulled up a seemingly endless supply of inspirational photos in this category.

Non-Traditional Color Combos
Pink for girls, blue for boys? Yeah, that is so five years ago! Color drenched rooms in shades of orange, teal and violet are the new it looks for nursery decor. These days, color blocking, chevron prints and bright hued wall murals are as essential to baby's room as a Diaper Genie! I saw some pics of Brooke Burke-Charvet's nursery and noted she embraced this look. Think this through when decorating. Hot pink and Chevron print wall murals will eventually go away much like the Reva flat and then what? A costly decor move. Best advice here is to leave the trendy color choices and prints to accessories that can be switched out for mint green perhaps, should the urge arise. Mint green and black, hot pink and grey are fabulous color combos, might I add. If you're on the hunt, I spied a bunch of fab finds on

I have a love/hate relationship with organic decor. It almost always evokes a good old-fashioned eye roll from me, but there are exceptions. Most new moms would prefer to have the least amount of chemicals next to their baby, inside their baby or anywhere near their baby. Me too, I get it. The thing is, the idea of something like organic curtains is just stupid to me. Sorry. Crib sets, blankets, bath and body I get. Also, the organic decor is really only available to deep pocketed celebrities and those who afford the high price points. Thankfully, I could afford them, but I feel it is unfair -- even here -- to talk about something so out of reach to so many. I did find some very well-priced organic toys (that babies love to stick in their mouth) on and

I was interviewed about tech in the nursery a few months ago and bitchy mothers (And by bitchy I mean like really super obnoxious bitchy) around the blogosphere gave me a lot of flack for it. But, I stand my ground here. Technology is everywhere in our lives and it has indeed found it's way into the nursery. Baby monitors and playing Baby Einstein videos are technology, too. Nowadays, you can create play lists of lullabies, classical music or whatever music baby and you like to jam out to. Am I telling you to trick out the nursery with a 46" inch flat screen and surround sound? Of course not. But adding a device like a Sonos Play 3 that can stream a neverending assortment of music is cool and affordable at $299. I know Hollywood parents like Alyssa Milano and Neil Patrick Harris are fans of Sonos, just like I am. Also, since it's not a "baby" product it can make its way into the living room eventually. This makes it a smart purchase you will enjoy for years after the last stinky 1,000 thread count organic cloth diaper is changed.


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