Celebs Take Bold Risks On This Week's Best & Worst Beauty List


We gotta give a slow clap to celebrities for constantly pushing the envelope with their looks. In the words of Tupac Shakur, "You are appreciated." But sometimes, those bold risks take a very, very bad turn. For example, Katy Perry's post-breakup dye job.

We're not sure what the "Dark Horse" singer was thinking when she chose this Nickelodeon slime green shade, but it certainly isn't one of her best beauty moments. However, actress Emma Stone showed us the right way to revamp an old Hollywood trend.

See these bold beauty looks below (plus more standout hair and makeup).

BEST: Emma Stone

emma stone

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" actress steals the spotlight at the Los Angeles, California premiere with her retro waves and raspberry lips. The contrast between her strawberry blonde hair, bold lip color and yellow gown is absolutely stunning.

BEST: Jennifer Garner

jennifer garner

Garner looks super hot with this amazing blowout hairstyle, lush lashes and pale pink lipstick. She's giving us '70s bombshell!

BEST: Freida Pinto

freida pinto

The 29-year-old actress and L'Oreal spokesmodel can do no wrong with this center-parted textured ponytail, deep purple eyeshadow and crimson red lip color.

BEST: Kate Walsh

kate walsh

Wow! We haven't seen Walsh in a minute but this glamorous look made it all worth the wait. She is rocking these shiny, side-swept curls with mauve-pink makeup like it's nobody's business.

BEST: Kate Bosworth

kate bosworth

If we had to describe Bosworth's beauty look in one word, it would be perfection.

WORST: Katy Perry

katy perry

Ladies, let this be a hard lesson on what not to do with your hair after a breakup. Perry looks like a Troll doll with this bright green-and-black hairdo, but at least her makeup is flawless...

WORST: Alesha Dixon

alesha dixon

Dixon is such a naturally beautiful woman that we hate to see that get overshadowed (literally!) with dark makeup and awful ombre hair.

WORST: Alanna Masterson

alanna masterson

We barely recognized "The Walking Dead" actress underneath all of the heavy makeup. Between her obviously filled-in brows, thick top eyeliner and burgundy lips, we're not sure what's worse.

WORST: Nia Vardalos

nia vardalos

This Greek-Canadian film star looks like she's stuck in another decade with this combover bangs and unflattering fuchsia lipstick.

WORST: Heather Matarazzo

heather matarazzo

We're not sure what Matarazzo was thinking when she walked out of her house wearing orange eye shadow with such severe eyeliner.

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BEST: Gwyneth Paltrow

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