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These 17 Celebrity Bedrooms Are The Epitome Of Dreamy

The modern, the sleek and the (Hilary) Swank-y.

If "MTV Cribs" taught us anything, it's that the room "where the magic happens" is pretty magical in its own right.

Elle Decor's "17 Enviable Celebrity Bedrooms" video is like a mashup of everyone's favorite part of the show, and as it turns out, your favorite stars' bedrooms have only gotten better since "Cribs" went off the air years ago.

Sneaking a peek into these bedrooms invoke simultaneous admiration and envy:

The clip features a slew of swoon-worthy sleep sanctuaries and the stars who call them home, including John Mayer, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cameron Diaz (to name a few).

If we had to choose, Ralph Lauren's Montauk Getaway looks downright heavenly, but let's be real, any single one of these beautiful boudoirs would do just fine.

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