The Ultimate Celebrity Best Friend Face-Off

Forget celebrity crushes. We have fantasy celebrity best friends.

Between Melissa McCarthy's amazing sense of humor, Lena Dunham's relationship advice, and everything Mindy Kaling says -- these successful women have qualities that make us wish we knew them in real life.

But who would be the ultimate celebrity best friend? Are you interested in rapping with Rebel? A face-off with J-Law? Touching Connie Britton's hair? Ellen DeGeneres might bring you a sloth if you ask nicely enough, or maybe you just want to sit next to Kerry Washington and soak up her flawlessness.

Agonizing though it may be to whittle this list down, there can only be one winner in this epic faux friendship face-off -- and we need your help to determine who it will be.

Here's how the voting will work:

  • Voting begins: 3pm July 16th
  • Semifinals: Wednesday July 17th, midnight
  • Finals: Thursday July 18th, midnight
  • Winner Announced: Friday July 19th, midnight

You decide who wins. Let us know who you're rooting for @HuffPostWomen using #CelebBFF.



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