Celebrity Bikini Body: 7 Simple Exercises You Can Start Now!


Your question:

How can I get a bikini body like my favorite celebrity?

My answer:

Consciously work out all through the year!

Let me be frank with you.

Using fitness programs and guides like that of Kayla Itsines requires a great deal of commitment and determination on your part.

It can be intimidating when you see celebrities flaunt their bikini bodies, but are you ready to be committed to the wellbeing of your body as they are?

You don't have to be a celebrity to maintain a good bikini body. Here are 7 simple exercises which will challenge you and give you the bikini body you have always wanted.

Things you will need: Dumbbells and time (commitment)

Exercise Level: Hard

Exercise #1 - Sumo Deadlift Shuffle

Grasp the end of one dumbbell with both hands. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and toes turned out.

Take left foot out to the left side, spreading legs in a squat like position. Keep doing it till the other end of the dumbbell touches the ground.

Then, push off from your left foot, and bring yourself back to the initial position. Repeat the same, with the right leg.

Exercise #2- Forearm Plank with Alternating Leg Lift

Start in plank position, with your weight on your forearms and toes. Take a deep breath, tighten your abs and slowly lift one foot off of the ground.

Straighten your leg and push back till the limit. Exhale and bring back your leg. Repeat the same process for the other leg.

Exercise #3- Dumbbell Pivoting Goblet Squat

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold one end of a dumbbell in both hands in front of your chest, elbows bent.

Bend your knees and push your hips back slowly to get your thighs parallel to the ground. As you stand, twist both feet 90 degrees to the right.

Rotate back to center and quickly complete another rep, rotating to the left. Continue alternating.

Exercise #4- Squat Jack

Start off with your feet together and knees slightly bent. Jump your feet out and lower into a squat position as you reach your right hand down to your left foot.

Jump your feet back together and stand. Jump out again and this time bring your opposite hand to the ground. Perform this move for 60 seconds.

Exercise #5- Dumbbell Skier Swing

Hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides and stand with your feet hip-width apart. Push your hips back and bring the weights slightly behind you, then quickly thrust your hips forward and swing the dumbbells above your head. Return to start and continue in fluid motions.

Exercise #6- Side Plank Rotations

Get into your plank position on the floor with your weight shifted on your toes and your forearms. Keep the elbows directly under your shoulders and body in a straight line from head to heels.

Keeping your body straight, twist to one side raising that arm vertically above you as you pivot. Pause, return to starting position and repeat on the other side.

Make sure your abs are tight and you are controlling the motion. Complete 10 reps on each side.

Exercise #7- Dumbbell Rotational Lounge

Hold the ends of a dumbbell in front of you at shoulder height, arms extended. Step your left foot back, bending both knees and lowering the dumbbell to the outside of your right hip.

Push through your right heel to return to start. Repeat, stepping your right foot back and moving the dumbbell to your left hip. Continue alternating.

Note: Take your time to adjust to these tough workouts. Ideally, it takes 3 weeks for a woman's body to adjust to any new exercise routine.

That is why it is advisable to add in one exercise at a time. These exercises might appear hard, but they will definitely tone your body.

No pain, no gain! Don't forget to share your results with me.