Food Revolution: Jamie Oliver Takes On Junk Food Defenders In HuffPost Exclusive (VIDEO)

British-born celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has been working in the United States for the past 12 years to raise awareness on the country's growing obesity crisis. Oliver encourages Americans to forgo fast food and learn more about cooking healthy, fresh meals.

Oliver's T.V. show "Food Revolution" aired in the United States in the winter of 2009.

In an exclusive interview presented by HuffPost, Oliver answered questions about his "Food Revolution" campaign.

HuffPost users asked the 2010 TED Prize winner and food activist about how he debates junk food defenders and the potential role children's television could play in his "Food Revolution."

Watch as Jamie Oliver dishes about food education in the United States, his experiences teaching kids about vegetables and why making a vegetarian cookbook makes sense to him now more than it ever has.