Celebrity Collector: David Arquette

Photo Courtesy of David Arquette

I've always been a fan of horror films. There is something about sitting on the edge of the seat, your heart racing and wanting to cover your eyes as they cue the creepy music.

The movie Scream was certainly one of my favorites. Scary, yet somewhat comical at the same time. The cast offered an array of known actors/actresses which is often not the case with horror flicks.

David Arquette played the goofy cop named Dewey Riley. He went on to reprise that role in the additional 3 sequels. Since Scream, Arquette has had numerous roles in a long list of films and television shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and directing a psychological thriller, Glutton. (Is there a theme here?)

Recently, I learned that Arquette is a collector. I then learned that what he collects is the key element in scary movies that creeps me the most!

Photo Courtesy of David Arquette

David, out of all the people I have interviewed, I have never stumbled across anyone with a puppet collection. I must admit, I don't know whether to be scared, or intrigued. Tell me more!

ARQUETTE: Well I also have a clown obsession so I understand if you're scared. Don't be. Puppets and clowns are expressions of creativity and joy. When a master puppeteer like Scott Land works at Bootsy Bellows, he brings a puppet to life and within that something magical happens, an inanimate object becomes alive. My grandfather, Cliff Arquette, was famous for portraying the costumed character Charlie Weaver on The Tonight Show with Jack Parr, and the original Hollywood Squares. He left me some of his puppets when he died so my love for them has very deep roots. That may also explain my costume fetish.

Clowns and Puppets, my two biggest fears! Where do you keep them?

ARQUETTE: Most of my puppets roam the stage and dance floor of Bootsy Bellows but I do have a few at my home. My favorite is the marionette of Charley Weaver that my grandfather left me. There is also a dancing couple that is beautiful and romantic (yeah maybe that is creepy) that hangs on a stand in my living room.

Charlie Weaver Puppet: Photo Courtesy of David Arquette

You bring them to Bootsy Bellows? How does the public respond to them?

ARQUETTE: People love interacting, taking pictures and dancing with the puppets. Not to mention I have seen a few ladies get downright dirty with them (ok I see your point). It brings out a fun side to the club goers that certainly ignites a silly side that takes away from the typical club posturing.

Photo Courtesy of David Arquette

So what projects are you working on? Where will we see you next?

ARQUETTE: I'm enjoying my time at Bootsy Bellows (every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday -- with a monthly dinner theater show on Thursdays) right now. It's important for me to have a creative outlet between acting roles. This past winter I wrapped Orion in Detroit, a wonderfully dark yet beautiful shot film directed by Asiel Norton. It's a return to the type of Independent film making I love.

Looking forward to the film, still not sold on hanging out with puppets!

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